Friday, June 11, 2010

don't touch the glass!

Lo siento that I didn't post yesterday. So it started out like any other day, walking to class and then class. Cristina is awesome. She made mate for us (we didnt drink it but she showed us how to make it). After class we (John, Vicki, Kendall, Renee, Ben, Jaidam, and I) once again headed to a bank. This time everyone successfully got money out. Yay! Then we went to this delicious cafe called Cafe Nostalgia. Best spinach noquis (gnochi) ever. For real, it was soooo good. Needless to say we're going back. After that we ended up riding the subte (this time with no one's wallet going missing). We walked around Puerta Madera for a while. At one point Vicki and Ben decided that it would be a good idea to try and run across the 10 lane highway to get to the other side... they only made is as far as three lanes and then ran back to us. We also ended up walking through the National Defense building's lawn where they have a tank and some other crazy statues. We also all took pictures with the giant statue of Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus). Pretty cool. Once we crossed the street, at a crosswalk, we made it to the diques (dikes) of the port. We walked past this old naval ship which is a museum but was closed by the time we got there. We walked along the boardwalk and saw some great restaurants (including TGI Fridays) and some neat looking bars. I want to head back there for dinner one night! We finally found the Museo Fortabat at the end of the boardwalk and sat down for a minute before heading inside. We promptly got lost at the entrance of the museum and felt like American tourists when the museum guides had to show us that we were actually headed for the bathrooms instead of the paintings.. whoops. The paintings were actually pretty neat. There were some South American artists along with Andy Warhol, Auguste Rodin, Chagall, Dalí, and a few other real old paintings. On the top level we also managed to find stuff from Egypt.. k cool. Después del museo, we split up and headed back to our houses. For some reason we didn't have dinner for a while. Adriana (my house mom) had a lot of people over. When we finally got dinner however... it was amazing. We had tomates and lettuce and some tuna wrap as an appetizer (I wasn't the biggest fan of the tuna wrap) and then creamy chicken and creamy rice for dinner. So good. And to top it all off, lemon sorbet and chocolate ice cream for dessert. Yea, it sounds like a weird combination but it was real good. I then got ready to go out on the town with some of the people from the group. Stephen and I met up with Ben and John at UP and headed to a bar that is near the club where we were going to go later. So we sat around, drank beer (I had a margarita consisting of lime juice, sugar and tequila.... eww), and watched the last two minutes of the NBA finals game. After the game some dance show was on and the girl dancing on it had on a skimpy top. So, while she was dancing, on national television, her boobed popped out. And she left it out. The rest of the dance. On national television. Say whaaaaaat? We waited a while for Vicki and Kim to show up and when they never did (something going wrong with our crappy modes of communication Claro phones) we decided to head to the club "Lost." When we got there, a line had already formed. Mainly of boys... real gross looking boys. I wasn't feeling comfortable and neither were the guys so we decided to call it a night and check out a different scene the next night.

First actual day of my pasantía! Anne and I rode the bus (actually relatively easy as it just shot as straight down one road... by the way the bus system here is CRAZY. And I didn't even figure out UGA buses for a year..) We arrived at my internship and to my dismay nobody opened the door for ten minutes. We finally got someone to come to the door after Marcela texted them from school. I then met Sandra, who is so animated and kind and I'm so excited to work with her! The whole place smelled like cats, but then again it is a cat shelter! I also met the vet that works there (and promptly forgot her name.. whoops). We figured out my schedule and she gave me some forms to complete and I was sent on my way to get to class. After a 45 minute bus ride back to UP, I headed straight to class. Marcela is going to help me figure out a faster way to get to UP as I only have 30 minutes between when my internship ends and my class starts. As for class, I love taking 4010! Our class today was to go to lunch and order in Spanish. Our teacher, along with Rosa and Anne, taught us different things about the food and culture. So awesome. We talked in Spanish the whole time and even go to watch highlights from the South Africa-Mexico game. And oh yea, we get to take field trips every Friday. So cool. So, if you ever go to BA for the UGA study abroad program, take 4010. Best idea ever. After class we decided to take a break from running around and split up. I headed for home. After a 45 minute walk back to my apartment, I was greeted by the doorman, Adriana and Gloria and headed straight to bed where I promptly fell asleep for two hours. Who knows what will happen tonight? Perhaps a dance club? We shall see!

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