Monday, June 14, 2010

Taxi drivers are crazy.

Friday night:
So that night we ended up going to a "blind theater." What does that mean, you ask? Well, it means that you sit in a completely pitch black area and they make noises at you and have a play that is partially in-prov, partially scripted and they throw water at you and you smell things in the dark. And this was all in Spanish so pretty much didn't understand half of it. Oh well, the experience was still pretty cool! Then the group (Ruth, Kerri, Camille, Renee, Kendall, y yo) headed over to Plaza Serrano where everyone else had started the night out. Granted the theater started at 11:30 so we didn't even get over to the plaza until 2ish. Remember, this is Buenos Aires, things don't get started until 2 am or later. So we met up with the rest of the group and decided to go back to the bar that we were at the first night. We actually ended up staying there until, oh, 5 o'clock in the morning. Funniest thing? When Stephen and I were walking home we saw a cafe that was PACKED with people. They were just drinking coffee, hanging out, you know. whaaaaat? People never sleep! So... sleep until 1030 for the argentina game!!

So woke up after waaaaay too little sleep and headed over to the restaurant/buffet place that we had our first lunch. They had a projector screen with the game playing and endless pizza and drinks. The game was AMAZING! especially watching it with Argentinians. It was fun to go crazy with them when they scored and go ahh when they missed. Of course, all of us ordered a lot of water.. We thought that we were going to be able to stay at that restaurant all day but it turns out that was not the case. So we headed back to Plaza Serrano to find a bar to watch the game. We actually went back to one of the bars that we had gone to on the first night and found a bunch of Americans and English people. Perfect for watching the US v. England game. We ordered some cafe drinks (as we were all soaking wet from walking over without umbrellas or raincoats... didn't realize it was going to rain.) that were amazing! It was coffee, milk, baileys, and some other stuff. I of course ordered a brownie to top it all of and had quite the enjoyable experience. And then I saw the words "White Russian" on the menu.. needless to say that was my next drink! Probably the best white Russian I have ever had... We finished watching the game and headed back home. I once again passed out for a couple of hours and then Camille and I headed out for a quick bite at a cafe near our house. And by the way when you order an ensalada: tomate al medio, that literally means a tomato cut in half. After that I came back and quickly got ready and headed out the door to meet up with Stephen and Ben. We then got a phone call from John who told us that he wanted to check out a club in Recoleta (our neighborhood) so we thought it would be a good idea to stay where we were and wait for everyone rather than walking for 15 minutes to meet everyone at the original site. So the time passes and we learn that everyone is still at Alto Palermo (where we were originally going to meet) and so we tell them to start walking towards us as we walk towards them... well that didn't happen. So an hour after we were supposed to meet everyone is finally together and pissed off because of Senor John and his bad planning skills. It's okay, he did completely take all the blame. But the adventure continues... So we went to Liquid, a club that was supposed to be really cool. After waiting in line for 20 minutes we finally get to the door and guess what... you have to be 21 as a girl and 23 as a guy to enter... what????? So we left and headed to Lost, another club. Once again you had to be 21.. so we said screw it and went to the bar that Stephen, John, Ben, and I went to on Thursday and it actually turned out awesome. They had a bar open upstairs that was almost Athens-esque. We all bought drinks and settled down at a table. Turns out it was some girl's birthday party, but we still had a good time. We even danced some! Although we were the only ones who were really dancing.. we have got to find a club!!! So we just sat there and drank... and lo and behold we ended up being the last ones to leave. We literally closed down the bar. Amazingness. Then, Ben, Chris, Stephen and I got in a cab and headed back to Recoleta. The cab driver was craaaaaazy. He kept talking about American pornos or something... I don't really know... Got home safely (after passing that cafe.. and guess what! Saturday at 5am it is just as packed!) and promptly fell asleep.

Slept until 1. Sat in bed until 3. FUERZA BRUTA at 530. Best. thing. ever. I either was a) on drugs or b) should have been on them. Just imagine a guy in a suit running on a treadmill in the middle of the crowd while things, including people, are flying at him. And then imagine a giant see-through pool hanging from the ceiling with girls swimming/dancing in it. And while all of that is going on, rave music is playing. Imagine the entire crowd, from small children to old adults, raving! Jumping up and down like insane people. I can't even really describe. It was amazing. I want to go see it again. After Fuerza Bruta I spent the night writing my composition for class the next day and finally skyping with mi mama y padre. Sleep came early (midnight) as I had my pasantia the next morning!!

So I wake up bright and early (7.. way too early) and woke up to a nice surprise: cold milk for breakfast!! ah loved it. I headed out the door early as it was my first day at my pasantia (internship) and wanted to be on time. I of course ended up arriving 15 minutes early.. whoops. About 10 minutes after I got there the vet, Liliana, arrived. For the next 3 hours I shadowed her as she checked the healthy cats and then headed up the stairs to take care of the sick ones. Ask me if I actually understood what she was saying. NOPE. There are just so many things that I don't know in Spanish.. I honestly don't know about the next 3 weeks.. I'm slightly worried. I did manage to prepare some shots and put cream on a couple of sores though... And it's not like she speaks any English so it's just plain hard. And the stupid dog that lives there freakin' BIT me. I might have kicked in the face after that but I was just protecting myself from getting mauled. wtf. Oh, and of course I step outside and it's pouring down rain. Luckily I brought my umbrella, but still, that did not help my day get any better. Oh, and it's an hour bus ride from my pasantia to the school. And I have 30 minutes to get there. Yea... So I then arrive thirty minutes late to my class.. luckily class went well and my teacher didn't mind that I was late as she was also some what late. I love my class still so that's good!!! After class we headed to an empanadas stand got a couple and went back to UP to wait for the others/eat our lunch. Once the film class got out we ended up just going to a cafe and hanging out. We got hot chocolate (made from steamed milk with chocolate literally just dropped in it... so good!) and chatted for a couple of hours. Once the lit class got out we all split up and headed up. I think tonight it just going to be a chill night. No homework, no obligations, so I'm thinking watch some TV? hmmm....

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