Tuesday, June 8, 2010

oh el subte

So, today started out with my pasantía being canceled. A bunch of our groups is actually sick right now (hopefully just a 24 hour bug) and two of the coordinators (Anne y Marcela) are sick also. Anne was supposed to take me to my internship, but seeing as she was sick, we didn't make it there. I just hope everyone feels better! Camille and I tried to find a quicker way to get to school today but it turns out that we just ended up walking through some sketchy neighborhoods. Next time, we're just gonna go the way we normally go. Gotta love Ave. Santa Fe. And we saw the El Ateneo, which is a super awesome cafe. It used to be a theater and on stage is where all the tables and chairs are. Where the seats used to be is a bookstore. We didn't have time to stop in today but I guarantee you we will be later We had our group lunch today where we found out the schedule for the week. This weekend we are all watching the World Cup games (both the Argentina game and the US game) at some bar or restaurant somewhere. It's going to be awesome! So excited. After the group lunch I sprinted to the bank to finally get some pesos! Then it was class time. Our teacher is actually pretty cool. She speaks clearly, sometimes a little fast, but she always slows down. I feel like I've already learned a lot and it's only the first day. The class itself is going to be amazing. On Fridays we are going to other places, not just sitting in the room. We'll be going to different museums and neighborhoods and really learning about the culture. Hopefully my grammar will improve too. She gives us a break in the middle of the class for about 15 minutes so we can use the restroom, go get coffee, or whatever. The class seemed like it was over before we knew it. After class, a bunch of us went to a cafe and got drinks to warm up (today was the first real "cold" day). I asked for hot chocolate and got this amazing hot milk with pieces of chocolate that were melting inside of it. So amazing.. After we paid we decided that we wanted to venture to the other side of town and see the Obelisco y la Plaza de Mayo y la Avenida Corrientes. So we rode the subway (el subte). It was ridiculously packed. People were everywhere. I mean everywhere. I couldn't move. Once we got out of the subte, we were in la Plaza de Mayo! We walked around, took pictures, looked touristy. It was great. We then walked into Catedral, which actually looks more like a courthouse than it does a church. But it was beautiful on the inside. It's amazing what people can make. After visiting the church, we walked around that area for a while longer just looking at everything and looking for jerseys and such. We actually ended up talking to a couple of street vendors who made us bracelets for free! A couple of us went to tip them.... and poor Kendall no longer had her wallet :( Stupid subway. We think someone reached in while we were packed in there and got away with it. We stopped at a locutorio (computer cafe) and she tried to call and cancel all her credit cards. Of course, the companies were dumb and she decided to just call her parents and have them cancel all of them for her. Lame pickpockets. After this traumatizing experience we flagged down a couple of taxis and headed home. Dinner was excellent- spinach soup, carne and potatoes... oh and I ate the potatoes.. craaazy right? They actually tasted pretty good- they were sweet and more creamy than the ones in the states. To top it off we finished with a peach. Delicioso. I love talking to our host mom (Adriana) and grandma (Gloria) but the two boys that are living with us just seem lazy and awkward. Rich just talks about how he slept through his Spanish class this morning and then looks weird while we talk in Spanish. Gerard tries but is just horrible... like real bad at it. He also knows that I don't like him and tries to poke fun at me because of it. Apparently people can really tell when I think they are just awkward and I don't like them. He also speaks in a ridiculous Boston accent. Ugh. One of their friends came over today to walk with them to a bar to watch the basketball game. He at least was nice and didn't seem as annoying as the other guys, minus the fact that his little chin scruff was on the side of his chin. Not in middle. On the side. He obviously doesn't use a mirror to shave and I kept staring at it the whole time. Ok ok, I know I'm being harsh, but some people are just.. blah. Anyways, after dinner Camille and I sat in our room and did homework. I actually enjoyed doing my homework! I feel like I am starting to get the hang of Spanish and am starting to think in it. Yay! Now, I'm headed to bed for my first day at the cat shelter! Buenas noches!

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