Saturday, June 5, 2010

El primer día

Ah! Don't cry for me Argentina! Haha, anyways, the flight was okay. Bad weather in Atlanta held up my flight from Memphis so I got to sprint through the Atlanta airport from T terminal all the way to the end of E terminal. Awesome. And, of course, I sat next to the huge guy for 9 freakin hours. He was very polite though and managed to only put his arm in my space. We arrived this morning and went straight to our host families' homes. I'm at Adriana's house with her elderly mother and Greta (the cutest, sweetest little dog that barks all the time..). I'm sharing a room with Camille, another student in the UGA en Buenos Aires group. We unpacked and then utterly crashed for a wonderful several hour nap. Now, we're headed off for our first venture out into the streets! Love you all and I'll post more later!

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