Wednesday, June 9, 2010


ah so today was amazing! and it's not even over yet! So this morning, once again, I did not go to my internship. Which means that next week I will be slaving away trying to make up for all the missed time. Lamee. So after a lazy morning and a quick 45 minute walk to school, we had our second day of class. I already love this class. We're actually learning useful things for the city and such. It's great too because our teacher will actually correct us when we say something wrong and not allow us to ramble on like idiots. I feel like I've gotten better already :). After class we ended up eating at this great Chinese restaurant for lunch.. it was so good and so cheap! 86$ for all of us (pesos, not dollars). I also won the wonton bet with Jai. He thought that fried wontons were the little crispies that you get with soup and I knew that they were actually the crispy things with meat and other stuff inside them. And of course they were the fried crispy things with meat. After lunch we tried to go to a bank but of course it was 4 o'clock and the banks here close at 3. It's kinda strange that they close so early since everything else stays open so late. So we kept walking and went to Malba. It's a Latin American modern art museum and free for students on Wednesdays. Gotta love free stuff! So we headed in and straight to top floor. Unfortunately we were a little surprised by the art.. it was all real photographs of some rather disturbing stuff. I won't go into details here, but if you want to know then ask me later. Ugh. Anyways the rest of the museum was actually really awesome. Some of the pieces were really cool and others... didn't really understand. But that's what happens sometimes in a modern art museum. After spending an hour or so in the museum (it wasn't that big) we headed back to UP to meet up for our tango lessons. By the way, LOVE tango!! It was awesome! Although sometimes the girls had to be paired up with girls since there were more guys than girls. Still awesome. Me and Stephen had it down. We tangoed right into other people. Mainly because the room was so small. In our class were native Argentinians and some were soo good. They were twirling all across the floor. I feel like in the next class I need to bring my heels. All the girls were wearing heels and it seemed like it helped the dance go smoother. After tango lessons we headed back to our host homes and had dinner. I wanted to go out tonight but seeing as everyone else had to be up pretty early and others were still recuperating after being sick, we decided that tomorrow is going to be the better night to rageeeeee. Hasta manana, amores!

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