Sunday, June 6, 2010

First full day in Buenos!

Ok, so today was amazing. We had lunch as a group, everyone including the stranded Houston-Panama City kids, at this crazy delicious all-you-can-eat buffet. The food was a-m-a-zing. Desserts were off the chart. And of course I drank 2 1/2 bottles of water to make up for the dehydration that I was feeling from the night before. Anyways, we then went on a city tour which included the Casa Rosada, Eva Peron's grave sight, Avenida de Julio (which is the widest street in the world, you can't cross it in one stoplight!), and this crazy market place where we saw the casa de la familia de Ezeiza. After the tour, we split up. We (Camille, John, Stephen, Jaidam, Kerri, y Kendall) went to this crazy music festival where a band was playing on stage with people dressed as cats dancing. Also, on the screen behind the band was this film of cats... who knows. There was definitely a hint of a certain herb in the air and lots of maté. They didn't play for that long once we got there so we explored and found this random courtyard with a stage in it and some people hanging out. We hung out there for a while and eventually we watched this craaaaazy good hip hop dancing/break dancing group. They did moves that I didn't think were possible. Then this guy started beat boxing for oh, fifteen minutes while the group kept dancing. It was pretty awesome. I'm pretty sure John got it all on camera so I might be able to post it here once he puts in on Facebook. We wandered around for a while after that ended trying to search for food. We ended up at this place where we all just got pasta or salad. Relatively cheap and by that point we were all starving. 50 pesos later and it's time for bed. Tomorrow we have our orientation for our classes and our internships. ah so excited.
Buenas noches, chicos!

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